Hello. My name is Sherneice Gatewood-Alli. I am a survivor of domestic violence for 20 years. I decided I would no longer be someones punching bag or allow someone to verbally abuse me! I didn't realize I was in a domestic violent relationship. I thought the person loved me but I was wrong.


I dealt with that relationship for 7 years. I had a child and almost gotten married to him but I said 'no!' on a few occasions because I felt if he could treat me like this now and I’m his girlfriend, then it would only get worse as his wife. I at least knew that much. 


I thought my last day of dealing with the abuse was when he had hit me and it caused me to drop to the floor. At the time, my daughter was 3 years old. When I looked up from the floor, I saw she was on the bed trying to help me. That was when I thought I was done but nope. I went back because he told me he loved me and he would never hit me again. After awhile, I had become abusive but I knew that wasn’t good for my daughter to witness so I finally got out of the relationship.


I am now a certified Domestic Violence Life Coach and CEO of a nonprofit organization by the name of We Are Phenomenal Women, Inc. We are a preventative service that strives to educate people who, like myself, didn’t know being stalked or abused is part of domestic violence. 


New York, NY, USA

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